I’m no academic, these are my opinions and perhaps aren’t the most solid. Having been in various countries, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, and Turkey, i’ve managed to have interesting conversations with a good bit of natives, young and old alike.
What I see going on right now is that the people are tired of living under harsh regimes. The basic liberties we take for granted, the people in these countries would and have died for. I think it’s wise to think that lots of their feelings and thoughts publicly have been compressed and not allowed to be spoken freely or openly, and now like a powder keg their voices will unite and are being heard.
Maybe the freedom idealists in Egypt, rallied by the actions of the Tunisians have finally discovered their is power in numbers.

My biggest fear is that now would be a great time to incite some terror into the mix. If only to provoke the military or the protesters into action. I know if I was part of these sub-groups of militant strict islamics, I would definitely seize the opportunity, hopefully this won’t be the case, as the consequences could be devastating. I send my prayers and solidarity for the brave protesters in Egypt and my biggest prayer goes to their military, whom have the strongest decision to make, side with the people or follow the orders given by your superiors, make the right decision when it comes….

What a strange world we do live in. Sadly people are taking things into their own hands and without thinking of the real damage they are causing, release thousands of internal memos and dispatches for the whole world to see. Such a shame in my opinion. Many years ago, in the passion of my youth I was an anarchist, that is until I found out what a anarchist was, I was a pro-hemp activist until I realized people didn’t care and I was a anti-government fruit loop, that is until did the fine honor of joining the United States Marine Corps.
Wow I sure changed. Perhaps the world has changed as well. We have Mr. Julian Assange, the wikileaks angel doing his work for the good of humanity. I just want to know, what gives you the damn right to do such a thing. Intl. diplomacy is a fine game, mix in some espionage, and maybe a good old fashioned coup, this is called nation building. In my humble opinion, he should be tried for treason, and his company should be labeled a terrorist organization.
That said, why in the world, or at least America are illegal immigrants receiving in state tuition for State colleges in California? Did I miss something here….. How is it that a student from say South Carolina would have to pay out of state bankruptcy tuition costs, and of course being a legal resident of the USA be charged an arm and a leg, but yet if you are an illegal immigrant, YOU can go to school at a better tuition rate then me. By the way , who foots the bill, are illegal immigrants now getting student FAFSA loans? Boy, that would be icing on the cake.
Anyhow, these are my newest rants, but as a last minute one, seriously folks, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Leave the don’t ask don’t tell policy in place. It’s just a better thing for all of us who have served or may serve again.

I’m in sales. More or less, I’m in the profession of helping others realize their dreams. But you, you want to land a job in sales. Here’s a bit of the good and the bad.
You will be in the profession of being told no! You will work long hours, but with flexibility. You will be working during the best times of the work week, however, it’s 74 degrees and sunny when you do this. You will help people learn to be financially sound. You have the potential to earn above the average earnings.
All of these things are true. The hardest part about sales is giving yourself up to the job. Sales takes alot out of you, both physically and mentally. It can affect your home life, your peace of mind, and more importantly your bank account. Some months you can be on top, other times you can have barely getting by months. It’s a strange occupation with lots of hazards, but once you give yourself up, and begin to formulate a long term business strategy, you can negate low sales months, and be able to plan financially solvent goals. After all I have written, I can tell you it’s just a glimpse, but I have tried to give you the reasons not to get into sales. It’s tough, gritty, and unfair, but sometimes it’s very satisfying.

I am completely shocked at how the European Students know how to get their way. Causing mass confusion, riots, and walking out of school for long periods of time. This just makes me feel like I was such a sheep while in HighSchool. Don’t like the spot for the upcoming Prom, stage a protest, Football uniforms horrible, defy all school rules and stage a riot.
It seems to me that the causes for these protests are highly organized, numbers driven, and quite possibly very effective. I wonder what we could have accomplished and possibly changed for the US.
It sure would have been interesting to see if we could have extended spring break.
To the students I salute your acts of defiance and wish maybe had we really wanted to change something the class of 1998 would have stood up and made something happen.

Greetings and Salutations.

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Hello, my name is Baba Ganoush. I am a lawyer, a Former General, a Treasury Advisor, a long lost Aunt, and someone whom is looking to give all of my hard earned money to you, a stranger. Interesting enough, these folks come from every African, former East Bloc countries, and my newest favorite Bonny England. I’m sure if you have email accounts like mine, a bs account and a professional account, you to have received notices just like the ones I have mentioned. Raise your hand if you have received one from the Offices of Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, writing to you to just take a few minutes to take care of your new found wealth.
SERIOUSLY, or in Marine speak are you cereal? How in the world are people still falling for these ridiculous emails? It seems quite a few because I still receive them from time to time. If they were only slightly legit I would be Rollin in some dough. I have appealed to these fine individuals to just send me a good faith gesture of less then $10,000 to show they are really interested, by Western Union of course. I have yet to receive a reply nor a dollar, such a shame. But what I do to these fine folks is save them to my address book and send junk emails from my bulk folder. Typically I send them the ones that are in Cryllic or my newest favorite, what I think is some type of non-Arabic squiggles, my idea is that it’s tag-a-log, but who knows. I will say this, that one time when I forwarded an email to these fine scammers, I received one stating that I would be taken off their list If I would quit forwarding them emails. Oh it was funny. Happy days to you few readers…

Fall on the Crystal Coast N.C.

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It’s maybe in the 70’s this morning. The sun is shining and their is still the freshly rained on smell from last night. The beach this morning was set directly out of a movie, waves crashing, and the sand was perfectly untouched. The Crystal Coast is such a nice get away from the typical fall that I grew up in.
It seems so long ago that on a typical October in Omaha, Nebraska a snowstorm came and Halloween was canceled. The chances of that happening here is non-existent and appreciated.
Sure I can and do miss the turning of the leaves and the brisk chilled mornings that I remember in my youth and teenage years, but I can see all of that by driving home to South Carolina when I want that.
The lack of cold here is something spectacular. I have been on the beach in December when it was 85 degrees and it does sometimes make you want the snow, the frostbit mornings, the shaking of your body trying to warm itself, but that want it changes quickly when your sharing a bottle of wine with your favorite person at 10 in the evening and the only thing that’s chilly is the Riesling your drinking.
To all of you that deal with cold better than I do, I will toast you on the beach.

The Glory of Being American….

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Today I was reading an article from Time. It described the anguish and pain of a fallen soldiers father in what has become a complete disregard of empathy. Apparently for a number of years there has been protests from a Baptist Church group that goes around to fallen military soldiers, Marines, sailors and airmen, they sling slogans like, “God hates you,” ” We hate America,” and other tasteless rhetoric.
This has actually been made into a free speech case soon to be on the dockets of the Supreme Court. My how things have changed. I’m impressed by the boldness of these Americans. There idea or thoughts are that since we tolerate homosexuality we are damned and that by killing our military heroes, that’s Gods punishment.
This is very thoughtful. But this is also why we live in a great country, which in case these folks have forgotten, it was because of individuals who gave their lives to have the freedom and liberty to throw their hate around like these good Baptist folks. I have deployed twice as a Marine, and let me tell you, in the Middle Eastern Countries, having the ability to go about and protest to your hearts content would be a definite change in their reality. Hell when Saddam was in power if he caught you or heard word of you talking bad about his regime, a good punishment would have left you alive a bad one, well I have seen the scratched walls of what became of those who weren’t as lucky. These walls were part of his animal kingdom, where lucky hungry lions were fed tasty humans, but only before a whimsical game of cat vs. mouse happened.
So in closing, these folks who preach their hate against my fellow military heroes, I say to you “Carry on” but don’t expect anyone to have pity on you if one day your faced with a hungry Lion. Please don’t forget we only have these freedoms because of those who have served to protect them. Hug a Veteran or at least tell them Thank You.

Perhaps We Should Be Content

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Maybe I have this all wrong. If you haven’t read any of my few blog posts, I am currently as close to being a starving artist, but instead I’m a starving car sales consultant. Now, my belly is full but it’s about to become non-existent, much like the lack of business breaking down the doors to buy a new or pre-owned vehicle. You would not believe the lack of traffic we have, but I am really not dissapointed in this because at least they pay us something of a decent wage minus commission. It’s the fact that we have a limited inventory, and yet they continue to hire new sales staff. Very sad indeed. At least I have the comfort of a new job on the horizon and wasn’t planning on making this my absolute livelihood.
Thankfully I have a job in this current job market and I’m thankful. The caveat to all of this is soon we will hit the dead months and school via the GI Bill and unemployment are looking like brighter prospects then sitting here and blogging.

Desperately Poor

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Cash poor would be the proper term I guess for the current status of my life. I wear 3 piece suits that I bought on sale, fashionable boots and shoes possibly worn less than 5 times, and I am able to produce an image of success. Strange, but I definitely feel like a hobo. In the past 5 years I had but a uniform to wear, as long as it was clean and I had a fresh haircut and shave it was but a poor mans costume. Lately I have seen my favorite magazine and decided to peer into it’s depths and see what young 30 year old men were wearing these days. It took me maybe 5 pages to put it down in shame. It’s hard enough for me to contend with my bills and rent and then toying with thinking of how much I like this sweater. My tastes in clothing are exotic. I guess it comes with my weird personality about sweaters and cardigans and cool suits, but today I’m cash poor and those shoes, will have to wait.
It’s funny the people I know who are in my same shoes. We are bargain masters, we cut coupons, we goto happy hours on a budget. yes I wrote Happy Hour on a Budget. It’s sad, but until we get those jobs/careers that allow us to rise above our current cash flow crisis that’s where you will find us.
I dream of days that won’t remind me of my recent divorce. I can’t wait to see numbers in my bank account that will substantiate me into the next realm of having some savings. Until then I am Desperately Poor.

When to throw in the Towel on Love?

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In relationships that are kind of in the middle, between loving each other and or having small issues rise up and cause undue stress, where or when do you make the decision to ride it out for the better or just throw in the towel and say no more.
I’m going through a bit of this myself right now. It’s unsettling to say the least, somedays my lady and I couldn’t be better and then like the changing of weather, well it can be quite stormy. I know right now, that I’m at a serious rock in the road. Do I listen to my heart and persevere and pray for the right outcome or do I say goodbye and go back to being single.
I know what scares me most is being alone. I can hear thoughts out there saying “you got into a relationship for all the wrong reasons,” and I’m answering you with a loud NO. Anyhow, within common reason their has been no infidelity, no serious yelling or throwing of random things like car keys, so things are still good, but the million dollar question is how do we get back to our happiness without all the fuss….